5 Ways awwwEX Can Improve Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

June 18, 2024

As a company, it’s important to keep your employees engaged and satisfied in order to retain top talent and improve overall productivity. One way to do this is by implementing a corporate gifting program. The Corporate Gifting Experience Platform (awwwEX) offers a unique and innovative way to gift your employees that can improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Here are five ways CGE can help


With awwwEX, you can personalize gifts for your employees with AR and AI, making the gifting experience more special and meaningful. Employees feel more valued and appreciated when they receive gifts that have been tailored to their preferences, interests and personality. awwwX allows you to add a personal touch to your gifts that can be scanned via QR codes or visiting a designated website to activate a unique AR experience.


awwwEX makes it easy to manage the gifting process, from tracking expenses to scheduling gifting campaigns. The platform allows you to keep track of your gifting budget, plan gifting activities and schedule them in advance, so you never miss an important occasion. It also allows you to track expenses which can be helpful in budgeting and forecasting.


awwwEX integrates with corporate systems such as HRMS and rewards platforms, allowing you to use your rewards points or purchase order to pay for gifts on the platform. This integration makes it easier for HR and team leaders to gift employees as they can use existing reward points or purchase orders to do so.

AR Experience

awwwEX offers an AR experience that can be activated during the unboxing process by scanning a QR code or visiting a designated website. This creates a memorable and unique gifting experience for your employees, which can lead to improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

AI Wrapping Designs

awwwEX uses AI to generate unique wrapping designs for the gifts you purchase on the platform, making the gifting experience even more special. The AI takes into account recipient’s name, occasion, and gift preferences to create a unique wrapping design that can be printed on the gift wrapping paper.

awwwEX is a powerful tool that can help improve employee engagement and satisfaction. If you’re looking to improve employee engagement and retention, consider implementing AWWWX in your company.