Benefits of


Our awwwEX platform offers a wide range of benefits to streamline your gifting process for both internal employees and external channel partners. With awwwEX, you can easily purchase and personalize unique gifts, track expenses, manage the gifting process, and provide a truly personalized gifting experience.

Personalized Gifting Experience

awwwEX allows you to customize the gifting experience with AR, creating interactive unboxing experiences, and using AI to generate personalized gift wrapping, ensuring that each gift is unique and tailored to the recipient. Our personalized gifts are perfect for creating lasting memories and showing appreciation.

Exhaustive Range of Merchandise

Our inventory of gifts goes well beyond boring corporate swag. Our team chooses curated gift selections based on company needs – everything from unique and personalized gifts to AR gift cards and AR-enabled accessories like hats and bags. We ensure that our gift options are diverse, ensuring that you find the perfect gift for any occasion.


awwwEX enables collaboration by allowing you to interact with the platform via Slack or Teams. This allows employees to redeem rewards points, customize the AR wrapping experience, and manage their gifting process in a collaborative manner. By fostering collaboration and teamwork, we enhance the overall gifting experience.

Seamless Gift Campaign Planning

We make life easier for HR managers through seamless gift campaign planning based on milestones, anniversaries, or rewards and recognition. Our drag and drop UI and automated scheduling features make gifting easy and efficient, ensuring that you never miss an important occasion.

Streamlined Gifting Process

awwwEX allows you to easily purchase and personalize gifts, track expenses, manage the gifting process, and schedule gifting campaigns, making the entire process more efficient and enjoyable for both the giver and receiver. We understand the importance of time and efficiency when it comes to corporate gifting.


awwwEX allows you to integrate with various corporate systems such as HRMS, Rewards Platforms, and other platforms used by your organization. This streamlines your gifting process, reduces administrative burden, and ensures a seamless experience. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, saving you time and effort.

Unique Wrapping Experience

With awwwEX, our native AI not only recommends gifts through chat interactions but also allows users to design their own gift wrappers and designs to be printed on the gifts. This unique wrapping experience adds a personal touch and makes the gift even more special.

Personalization of Video at Scale

In addition to recommending gifts and personalized gift wrapping, our native AI also enables the personalization of video messages at scale. This means you can create customized video greetings or messages that can be included with your gifts, adding an extra touch of personalization.

With awwwEX, you can take your gifting process to the next level by offering unique and personalized gifts to your corporate employees and partners. Our platform streamlines the entire process, saving time and effort, and ensuring a memorable gifting experience for everyone involved.